Access control systems limit your exposure

Our electronic access control systems allow clients to keep tabs on and limit entry to facilities and sensitive areas of their business. This provides both information & data protection and a safer work environment for all personnel. Forget about re-keying or purchasing new locks; when an employee is reassigned or leaves the company, the access card paired with that employee is deactivated with the click of a button. Cards can be updated and reused for new employees as well.

Companies are exposed not only to external threats, but internal ones as well. Sonitrol’s access control can restrict and keep track of who goes where and when they went there. You have completely control over access to your facility or restricted areas within. This reduces the likelihood of internal theft or external intrusion, protects your physical assets and confidential data, and helps to limit any potential violence in the workplace.

Sonitrol’s Electronic Access Control Systems To Keep Track Of Who Goes Where And When

eAccess Software provides security anywhere & anytime from any computer with an internet connection
Sonitrol eAccess For those business owners looking to take full control of their access solutions

For those business owners looking to take full control of their access solutions, Sonitrol eAccess software puts the power in the client’s hands.

Powered by IEI, Sonitrol eAccess provideds embedded security for organizations big and small which is browser-based and gives you access to your security anywhere and anytime from any computer with an internet connection. You don’t need to purchase a PC or server, software or licenses, or pay web hosting fees. And it integrates with any existing network, ID cards, and readers.

Sonitrol eAccess seamlessly integrates multiple technologies:

  • Access Control
  • Video & DVR
  • Alarm Inputs
  • Elevator Control
  • Video Badging
  • Temperature Monitoring