Everything You Need To Know About Security Cameras

imagesSecurity cameras offer a solution for the array of issues and concerns you may have with your business or institution. No matter the type of business or establishment you have, a security camera will increase your safety, peace of mind and your ability to respond to emergencies or intrusion issues with tools that will aid in the identification and apprehension of those involved.

The latest camera technology innovations give you more bang for your buck than ever before. You can integrate the camera with any type of IP network, and you can access your video feed from anywhere in the world with Internet access; allowing you to watch and record remotely. You also have recording options like Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder.

The features available also give you advanced viewing like never before. Today’s security cameras can go where ever you need them and can capture crystal-clear images in most light. Your cameras can go indoors or outdoors and can record in low-light applications in most instances. A Megapixel security camera offers High Definition clarity versus the indistinct quality of standard analog video. You business’s camera arrangement can also include motion, tampering alarms, hidden cameras and network cameras.  You can also view your cameras from you Smart Phone or from you laptop while at the beach.

A security camera system is an effective tool for whatever concerns you may have. For instance, you may want an indoor camera to monitor customers and employees and to discourage theft. You may also want outdoor cameras to discourage break-ins and vandalism after-hours or to find out what is causing false alarms at your business. You may want a security camera to ensure perpetrators of crimes are captured on video to aid law enforcement. You might also be part of a school or hospital where the monitoring of attendees and visitors is becoming increasingly important in today’s society.

Whatever your business’s security and monitoring needs, Sonitrol of Louisville offers a product with a solution. We have a wide selection of security cameras that work indoors, outdoors or covertly. We utilize the latest camera technology to ensure that there are eyes on your business, school or institution at all times. Sonitrol of Louisville also offers an assortment of additional security solutions beyond the monitoring of a security camera—such as security monitoring, fire detection, etc.—allowing your business or establishment to be as secure and safe as possible.

Sonitrol of Louisville offers local services throughout Louisville and the western portion of Kentucky area as well as Southern Indiana, and we put extra emphasis on high-level customer service. We offer guaranteed promises that are above and beyond any others found in the industry. For instance, we offer a six-month money-back guarantee, a performance promise, a false alarm promise and a service promise.  All those promises equate to safety and security for your establishment and your patrons.

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