Why? Because Sonitrol’s verified security technologies provide live audio and video on what is happening at the scene.

No other security system can compete.

The result? The police know our alarms are real, so they make our calls their priority. We have the quickest police response times and the most apprehensions in the industry.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with these local police departments. In 2017, Sonitrol of Louisville donated $8,500 to add canine units to the Louisville Metro Police Department. Together, we make our communities safer.

We catch criminals in the act – they apprehend them.

Recent mass shooting have brought active shooter security to the forefront of the news. Schools, businesses, and even churches are looking for solutions that provide better safety for their people.

As part of our commitment to be on the cutting edge of security technologies and protocols, Sonitrol of Louisville received certification for ALICE Active Shooter training.

As part of the training, Sonitrol personnel participated in mock active shooter demonstrations hosted by the J-Town Police Department here in Louisville, KY.

Training like this gives us the advantage when it comes to safety. We are proud to work with local law enforcement to help spread the knowledge to keep our community safe.

The Sonitrol Difference:

  • Audio detection while intruder is still attempting to gain entry.
  • Complete audio coverage from any point of entry.
  • Sonitrol operators confirm with live audio and call police immediately.
  • Sonitrol has a lower number of false alarms, and a false alarm guarantee.

Conventional Security Systems:

  • Activate after break-in, with intruder inside.
  • Partial coverage, from limited points of entry.
  • Cannot tell the difference between real trouble and false alarm.
  • False alarm rate of up to 98%.

Over 177,000 apprehensions with Sonitrol, more than any other security company

“From a reliability standpoint, what seperates Sonitrol from other alarm companies is the crucial and accurate information that is provided on the way to a scene. Sonitrol is the best system out there for making apprehensions.”

K-9 Officer
Tallahassee Police Department